‘OK’ Shahidan to contest Umno Supreme Council seat

Arau MP is in a wheelchair but it has not dampened his spirit to serve the party.

Perlis Umno chairman Shahidan Kassim (in wheelchair) in high spirits as he greets those attending a breaking of fast event at Dewan Warisan in Kangar.

KANGAR: Perlis Umno chairman Shahidan Kassim was in high spirits as he attended a breaking-of-fast event this evening — in a wheelchair.

Dressed in a white “jubah” and white headgear, Shahidan was accompanied by his wife Shamsiah M Yasin.

“Who said I had a minor stroke?” was the first question he asked as pressmen approached him on the grounds of Dewan Warisan here, where the breaking-of-fast event was being held.

Shahidan’s question was in reference to a report in The Star Online today which quoted Perlis Umno secretary Zahidi Zainul Abidin as saying that the former menteri besar had suffered a minor stroke.

The Arau MP proceeded to demonstrate that he was still able to move his legs and arms, albeit from the confines of his wheelchair.

Perlis Umno chairman Shahidan Kassim (in wheelchair), accompanied by his wife Shamsiah M Yasin, at a breaking-of-fast event in Dewan Warisan, Kangar.

He also carried with him a purple stress ball, which he threw up and down.

At one point, he tried to get up from his wheelchair to show that he was okay, but was prevented from doing so.

Shahidan has to use a wheelchair as his legs are week and he also experiences numbness. However, he is confident that his legs will get better in a week.

The Perlis Umno chairman also spoke clearly without any slurring of speech.

“Even my attending doctor was shocked to hear (reports) that I had a minor stroke. He gave me a call,” he said.

Shamsiah herself was taken aback at the claim that her husband had suffered a minor stroke, stating that: “I don’t even know where that came from.”

Shahidan said he was suspected to be suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder, known as Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), but more tests were needed before the diagnosis could be confirmed.

The syndrome is a disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. This then leads to weakness, numbness and tingling.

Shahidan insisted that he was on the mend and he would contest an Umno Supreme Council seat in the upcoming party elections.

“As for the post of vice-president, I am still thinking about it,” he added.

Shahidan was in the media spotlight recently when nine BN state assemblymen aligned to him boycotted the swearing-in of Azlan Man as Perlis menteri besar on May 24.

The boycott by the nine incurred the wrath of Perlis ruler Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail, who voiced his displeasure and anger over their absence, despite the invitation having been sent out to them several days earlier.

Shahidan subsequently held a press conference in Kuala Lumpur and said Azlan would be sacked from Umno. The Perlis BN chairman had also reportedly asked the Perlis ruler not to interfere in the state’s administration.

Eight of the nine assemblymen were today sworn in as state executive councillors at Istana Arau, before Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin.

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